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this is just a little update about what’s happening in my world.:) guess what: i got a job now! I’m a tech support rep @ stream shaw. but you gotta ask, why technical? to those who know me very well, im not that techy type of person. even i don’t know what i’m doing here hehehehe… but you know, it’s my wonderland! everything crazy and random happens here.

it’s my third week in this company, and we’re undergoing a product training. our trainor is actually a canadian, so it kinda helps me to improve my language skills. 

so, how’s life goin in the batcave?

well, i think i can adjust to my sched. im a night person, so it’s not a hard thing for me. i even get to come in my office early, because it’s just a thirty minute ride and no traffic, (mind you, my shift is 10pm to 6am). during my first days, i tend to get a little sleepy, but fortunately we got free flowing drinks at the pantry so every night is coffee night! as for my co trainees, they’re very cool to be with. being in this industry, i thought it will be more of gays and girls in my team. but guess what… almost 70% of the class are complete straight guys. how could i not think of it? we’re in a technical field, so most likely, we’ll be with I.T students and graduates, and people with tech skills.

most importantly, what i want to share with you guys is this: right now, i’m still not sure about this thing. when i think of it, it seems that i do not belong here. but you know what, when i prayed to God about this, He made me realize the thing that happened in the book of numbers. it’s about the promise of the Lord to the children of israel to come to the promise land. the israelites doubted their faith despite of all the good things that God had brought to them. 

I think God wants me to know that He has a promise for me. (jer. 29:11) and it is not for my harm, but for my prosperity. sure, there will be some struggles and the road will not be that smooth, but surely, He will guide me through it. all that I need to do is trust Him with all of my heart, that He is a big God, who does what He said He will. 

I’ve seen so many things that has a potential to pollute my faith and my dignity in this profession. but I’m glad about it… because it is my chance to get closer with God through prayers. He has GOOD GOOD things in store for me. 

so, here’s the news from my wonderland.


Etienne Delessert, illustration for Stories 1, 2, 3, 4 by Ionesco (via The Children’s Theater of the Absurd - 50 Watts)


Etienne Delessert, illustration for Stories 1, 2, 3, 4 by Ionesco (via The Children’s Theater of the Absurd - 50 Watts)

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When I pray for prosperity, healing, guidance or peace of mind, I know that God is not outside me, deciding to either give or withhold my wishes. God is within me as pure divine abundance, wholeness, wisdom and serenity. It is my faith in God that answers my prayers.

I may not be able to see what my faith will manifest, or whether my activities will generate the outcomes I desire. But my steadfast faith, attuned to God in prayer, reminds me that God’s spirit is moving in and through me and is active in all situations.

As I become more aware of the activity of God in my life, I look beyond any uncertainty or doubt to the assurance that, regardless of the outcome, Spirit will be with me.

Daily Word (via theflawlesslife)

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